Where To Stay While Your Away

There are some fantastic places to stay while you are away and they range in price, comfort and amenities.

Britain being a strong travel focused country has many great websites and companies to find out information. I normally go Internet searching for a good bargain at least two to three months prior to my travel dates. Most well known hotels, inns and B&B's book up many months in advance to when you make your plans make sure there is availability to your choice of accommodation.

I tend to think if you are staying in a large city then I stick with a well known hotel chain but as I move away from the cities into the country, coastal areas and less populated areas then I will go with B&B's and Inns.

In the UK The AA (Automobile Association) has a great site http://www.theaa.com/travel/breaks-in-uk-ireland.html and they will indicate the best accommodation by stars, the more stars the better the quality of service and accommodation you can come to expect. One of the best things is that The AA will visit all the listed sites and verify what the owner is offering and they know there stuff and The AA have been in service since 1905 and have been assisting travellers ever since. The AA also has some great maps, travel information, pub and restaurant guides, information on local events and days out. If you have a ITouch or IPhone then they have some marvelous Apps, including listing the B&B's, Hotels, Restaurants and Local Events as well as Route and Map information (Check ITunes for more details)

If you like to try living like a local and enjoy good country eating then a great thing to do is to stay on a farm.
No you will not be rolling around in a hay loft, well you could if the farmer lets you, but with the UK Farming economy looking to diversify and open spare rooms and add extra areas to their existing farms for visitors to use this space as a B&B (Bed and Breakfast). Most larger farms have been doing this for many years now and there are some amazing places to stay from buildings that have been in existence since the 15th, 16th and 17th Century.
Also the Farm B&B's are great value for those looking for a economical place to stay. As the B&B market is expanding the farmers are providing good home charm, with good hearty breakfasts, cozy warm beds, fireplaces to relaxing in front of and the opportunity (in some instances) to see a working farm.
Some farms have added on Self Catering accommodation onto their estates and offer various amenities for the traveller from basic bed and kitchens to a small on the estate.
Farm B&B's can be found all over the England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and there are some beautiful places to be found once you start looking.
You can do an Internet search for farms in the area you are looking to travel to but I recommend a site devoted to helping travellers find the right place for their needs... http://www.farmstay.co.uk/.

Farm Stay UK was established in 1983 as The Farm Holiday Bureau, with 23 local groups,
It currently has over 1200 members co-ordinated in 94 groups across the UK. Its regions are England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
The Farm Stay website can assist you find some of best farm accommodation in different regions of the UK and they have links to farm websites for you to find out more about you future stay.

Farm Stay celebrated 25 years of operation back in 2008 and they can offer assistance either online, via phone and also have a brochure for you to view the various farm choices available. Click HereTo Order A Farm Stay UK Brochure

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